How to Renew My Michigan Builder's License

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The Michigan Residential Builders and Maintenance and Alteration Contractors Board regulates individuals engaged in the construction of any residential structure. It also regulates combination commercial and residential structures along with anyone who undertakes the repair, alteration and addition to the structure. Moreover, subcontracting for compensation other than for personal labor is also regulated by the organization under Article 24 of Public Act 299 of 1980.

Contact the Michigan Residential Builders and Maintenance and Alteration Contractors Board. Current builder's license holders are able to renew their existing license using the online system managed by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. The entire process for license renewal is described on its website.

Pay the renewal fee. At the time of publication, a fee of $150 is required for renewal of your builder's license. Licensees may renew online by visiting the Michigan Residential Builders and Maintenance and Alteration Contractors board’s web page.

Show proof that you have satisfied the continuing education requirements for the license. This stipulation applies to maintenance and alteration license holders only. Nevertheless, you must be able to prove that you have kept your knowledge of board requirements for building current.

Provide a statement of renewal application. Any current license holder who wishes to renew will have to provide a statement on the application certifying that he holds a current copy of the State of Michigan’s residential code. This stipulation applies directly to individual builders as well as maintenance and alteration contractors.


  • Current license holders should make certain that the Department of License and Regulatory Affairs has a correct address on file in order to ensure that the renewal application will be received.



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