How to Make Your Own Sign-Up Sheets

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Sign-up sheets help business owners track event participants in order to later follow up with surveys, lead generation or future event notification. Design unique sign-up sheets with the type of desired information that event coordinators want to collect. Collect data at the time of the event or have attendees register online ahead of time and confirm information at the event.

Determine the Desired Data

Event coordinators want data. Generally, coordinators want to know who attended, with at least one form of contact information. This means name and email or name and phone number. There may be reasons to include other data fields for collection. Keep the audience in mind when requesting information. For example, a group of volunteers showing up to help build a playground might not want to disclose a lot of detailed information beyond name and email. People are more likely to provide an email than a phone number.

However, an event teaching parents about child safety might be able to collect more demographic information without resistance. For example, a public workshop on pool safety for parents could ask how many children are in the household, the ages and perhaps even their school. Understanding the audience increases not only the amount of information gathered but the validity of it.

Some sign-up sheets are opt-ins for more information. This is common at trade shows where businesses seek brand building and lead generation. A sign-in sheet, in this case, could also include the type of information the consumer seeks from the company. For example, a window company could ask consumers if they are interested in a free consultation, improving home energy efficiency or reducing electricity costs.

Pre-Registration Method

Make a decision if there will be pre-registration or signing up at the event. When pre-registering, technology offers many tools to make it easy. WordPress offers plugins for business owners to use directly on websites and digital advertising platforms. Eventbrite is an entire platform designed for event planning and execution with online registration, reminders and promotion.

These platforms export data into spreadsheets for registration retention and data manipulation. The export functions also make it easy to export a sign-in sheet.

At-Event Sign-Up Sheets

Create a sign-up sheet using spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. Set the columns as data choices such as name, email, address and other desired information. Everyone has format preferences in terms of font and size. Bolding column headers and aligning them to the left margin of each column make reading easier for attendees. Adjust the width of the columns as necessary and increase the height of the rows to give attendees enough space to write legibly.

There are ready-to-use sign-up templates for Microsoft Office and other word-processing platforms. Some templates are already pre-programmed in the software, and there are dozens more available for download online. Templates make it easier to make a pretty sheet with headers, colors and information boxes. This requires less work to create and lets organizers edit desired data quickly. Print enough blank sheets for the event. Most sign-up sheets are printed horizontally to give more space per line for information.