The Brother DCP-7030 laser multifunction copier uses a single Brother TN-330 Standard or Brother TN-360 High Yield toner cartridge to produce scanned copies and other printouts. Typically, you remove the toner cartridge from your DCP-7030 to clean the unit, make repairs or when the LCD shows a “Low Toner” message after your print a certain number of pages -- approximately 1500 for the Standard cartridge or 2600 for the High Yield.

Step 1.

Place two or three sheets of a paper on the desktop beside your Brother DCP-7030 copier.

Step 2.

Flip down the front cover on the machine. If you just finished printing, wait about 10 minutes for the compartment to cool before removing the drum and toner cartridge assembly that houses the toner cartridge.

Step 3.

Grasp the handle on the drum and toner cartridge assembly and pull the cartridge straight out of its compartment.

Step 4.

Place the assembly on the paper-covered area of the desktop.

Step 5.

Press down on the green lock lever located at the left front corner of the assembly.

Step 6.

Take the cartridge by its handle again and carefully lift it out of the drum unit.


Only touch the handle on the drum and toner cartridge assembly. Touching any other area may result in burns -- especially if you don’t wait for the area to cool. Additionally, you can damage the machine or cause a static electricity if you touch other areas such as the electrodes inside the cavity. Only touch the lock lever and cartridge handle when removing the cartridge from the drum unit.