To foster a productive and rewarding company culture, it's important to recognize employees for a job well done. These compliments can be verbal or written in an e-mail or expressed in a thank you card. If the employee deserves recognition from others in the company, it can also be helpful to share the person's accomplishments with his or her colleagues or the entire organization.

Step 1.

Pinpoint the exact reason you are giving the compliment. Point out what the employee did to warrant recognition. It's important for the employee to understand what behavior or achievement is eliciting praise since it can motivate him or her to repeat it.

Step 2.

Summarize the accomplishment in an e-mail or a thank you note. Describe in detail why the achievement was important to the success of the business or the advancement of the person's career. Elaborate as much as possible and avoid using empty phrases such as "great job" or "good work" without providing specific details.

Step 3.

Make a connection to a feeling. It's important for employees to remember their bosses, supervisors, and colleagues are people with feelings. Describe how happy it made you to see this person succeed or how impressed your were with his or her accomplishment.

Step 4.

Share the accomplishment with others in the office, if appropriate. If sending an e-mail, copy others on the message. Make an announcement at a staff meeting or even take the office out to lunch to celebrate. These actions add more weight and meaning to a compliment because the recognition is shared with others who can validate it further.