How to Create a Temp Agency

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According to the American Staffing Association, 8.6 million temporary and contract employees are hired by U.S. staffing firms over the course of a year. The staffing industry is very lucrative. If you have experience, can find good talent, have people skills, consider starting a temporary or employment agency. You can service the office and clerical, industrial or professional or technical industries. If you are determined and ambitious, you can service all of them.

Choose a niche. For example, provide executive assistants to law firms, cleaners to 5-star hotels and pediatric nurses to hospitals. Also, consider the needs of local businesses, your experience and the start-up costs and potential revenue for your niche.

Choose a location for your business. The staffing industry is a people industry. Image is everything. You need a place to receive, interview and test potential employees, train your staff and hold meetings. Depending on your specialty, you can have your office in a professional office business, in a warehouse district or near business clients you are seeking. If money is an issue, consider a virtual office with a short-term lease. Your office should be accessible to potential employees.

Market your business. Tell people about your business, pass out brochures, send direct mailings, place advertisements on Internet bulletin boards and in newspapers and the Yellow Pages. Also, cold call potential clients.

Hire staff. Place wanted advertisements in the newspaper, including your community newspaper. Network at business events by passing out cards and telling potential clients about the benefits of using your services. Place advertisements in the Yellow Pages, on television and on career websites and databases.