Texas Instruments 5032 home and office calculators include models E-5032, TI-5032SV and TI-5032 SVC. These models feature a two-color printing system that uses an IR-40T or compatible ink roller that provides red ink for negative values and black ink for positive values. The roller is secured inside a cavity in the 5032 printer compartment. Replacing this roller simply requires that you remove the old one and insert and secure the new one, which should take only a few minutes.

Step 1.

Turn off your Texas Instruments 5032 calculator.

Step 2.

Press down on the transparent printer compartment cover. Push it toward the top of the unit to slide it from the compartment. Set the cover aside.

Step 3.

Place your fingertip under the “Pull Up” tab. Lift up to pull the old roller from its cavity in the compartment. Set the roller aside for disposal.

Step 4.

Remove the new ink roller from its packaging and orient it above the empty roller cavity.

Step 5.

Insert it into the cavity and secure it by pushing down gently until you feel it snap-lock to both sides of the cavity.

Step 6.

Slide the compartment cover back onto the unit. Turn the calculator back on.


The Texas Instruments warranty does not cover damage that results from refilling an ink roller or using water to extend the life of an ink roller.