How to Bring Business Into a Bar

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Owning a bar or being in charge of marketing and promotions for a bar can be a fun, but challenging job. In some places there may be a lot of competition in the restaurant and bar industry. If you want to keep your bar filled with customers, it is important to promote the bar actively and come up with ideas that make your establishment stand out from other venues in the area.

Meet with your staff to come up with promotional ideas. Several minds work better than one when it comes to marketing. Plan in advance and set up a calendar for regular promotions such as dollar beer Tuesdays and ladies' night martini Thursdays.

Book a popular local band to play at your bar. If the band already has a following, your bar will automatically be promoted to new people once the band adds the gig at your bar to their website calendar.

Use Twitter and Facebook to promote events at your bar. When using Twitter search for people using hashtags referencing your local area and liquor. While doing promotions on Facebook, attempt to become friends with users who are already friends with other local venues.

Discount food promotions can bring in a lot of people. If your bar also serves food, establish yourself as the bar that has taco Tuesday with $2 tacos or wing Wednesday with 50-cent chicken wings.

Advertise theme nights around holidays. Allow patrons to receive a free drink ticket or half-price beers if they wear something that goes along with the upcoming holiday such as a Santa hat near Christmas or a red, white and blue outfit for the Fourth of July.


  • Pay some college students, who are of legal drinking age, to pass out flyers on their campus or at their frat house about the next event at your establishment. College juniors, seniors and graduate students of legal drinking age tend to travel in packs when they go out to a bar.


  • Always make it very clear in your online promotions and on your flyers that people must be 21or over to enter the bar.