How to Fill Out USPS Form 3541

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Companies and publishing businesses supply periodicals such as magazines and newspaper mailers to interested customers. The companies may send these to customers through the United States Postal Service by using form 3541. The USPS 3541 form is a postage statement used by publications to determine the prices of mailed periodicals and is included for each shipment. Periodical prices are based on domestic service along with overseas service and the number of periodicals shipped in bundles or pallets.

Obtain form 3541 by going to the USPS postal explorer website ( Scroll down the left-hand sidebar and choose postage statements. Choose the link saying "All Online PDF Forms in Numeric Order." Go down the list of forms until reaching PS Form 3541.

Download the 3541 PDF file and print to fill out. Complete the first section concerning the mailer. Provide the publication title, the publication owner, the customer reference number and the identification number. Include the printer's name of the publication as well as the mailing address, email address and telephone number. Complete the section by filling in the printer imprint permit number, customer reference identification with the printer and the post office name, state and zip code where the shipment is leaving from.

Give the mailing information in the next section. Supply the price category of the publication, the publication number, mailing date, type of processing, the number of addressed pieces, the weight per copy, the type of containers and how many are being shipped. Enter the information for the issue date of the publication and the number of times the publication will be issued. Provide the rest of the information to complete the mailing section.

Fill in the information for the postage section of form 3541. Use pages two through seven to complete the postage section on page one. Only write in those sections that apply to your mailings. If your publication will only be mailed in your county, complete part A for piece and pound prices. If you are sending the mailings outside your county, fill in parts B through F to determine your publication mailing prices. Finish the section for postage on the first page by supplying the price totals from parts A through F, any preferred price discount and the totals for county and outside county postage.

Complete the certification section by reading the certification summary and supplying the owner's name, signature and contact person's name at the publishing office. Include the contact telephone number and take the form to your post office along with the periodicals which will be mailed.