How to Create & Print a Concession Stand Menu

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Providing a concession stand menu frees you from continuously repeating yourself to customers each day. When someone asks what is available or the price of a particular food item, smile and point to the menu.

This concession menu will be helpful to you as well, particularly if you are just starting the business. It enables you to come into the stand and see what you need to start making at a glance. When you hire someone to help serve the food, they will be able to quickly look at the menu to know what to charge the customers.

Open your computers' word processor and start a new document. Save the document as (Your Business Name) Menu and Prices, placing it into a a folder for your business documents in your files or desktop. Going back to this document will not be difficult if you have to change things later. Reopen the document to begin.

Review the border options in your word processing program. Use one that fits with your concession stand's theme, or design the menu without a border. Go with colors to match the theme as well. Use of black works well for wording, though you may want color within your border.

Use a font style and size that is easy to read, not so small that your customers will find it difficult to read the menu from a few feet away. Go with Times New Roman or Comic Sans for the font, as they are clearly readable. Make the name of the stand business larger in font than the menu list. Center the business name at the top of the page and save.

List the menu items that you will have available for purchase. Take into consideration main meal components such as burgers, fries and nachos. Add dessert items that you will offer, like dough boys, and beverages such as coffee, water and soft drinks. Price each menu item according to one of the acceptable pricing methods, such as with competitive pricing where you charge what others in your venue are getting.

Set this information up within your document, placing the menu items on the left with their corresponding prices on the right. Connect them with a series of periods if desired, and use double spacing within the document. Save the document when finished.

Print as many copies of the menu as are needed, to be placed on either side of each window outside the stand and on one side of each window inside. Place each menu into a plastic sleeve, closing the open end of the sleeve completely. Tape or tack these into place.