How to Setup a Toll Free Phone Number in HostGator

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A toll-free phone number is an instant credibility booster for a business. The number can ring to a cell phone or landline. When using HostGator’s business hosting plan, you receive a toll-free number at no extra cost. Order the toll-free number from HostGator and set it up.

Log in to HostGator’s cPanel.

Find the link "Account Addons" in the box titled "HostGator Links." (This link displays only for business plan account holders.) Click on it to see the list of addons that come with your plan.

Click on the "Free Toll-Free Number" link. The next page has information about the toll-free number, minutes included free per month and the cost for extra minutes.

Press the button labeled "Sign up now."

Choose from VOIPo’s available toll-free numbers. (VOIPo is the service HostGator uses to provide toll-free numbers.) A drop-down box allows you to choose between 866, 877 and 888 numbers.

Fill out the form. By entering your personal information, you set up your VOIPo account for billing in case you exceed your allotted free minutes. You will also enter the phone number to which you wish to have calls sent.

Log in to the VOIPo vPanel and enable Canadian calls, if you wish. By default, calls from the United States will automatically come through the toll-free number. Calls originating from Canada cost a few cents more.