Obtaining a United States Post Office (P.O.) box with an official P.O. box address in San Jose, California, is a simple process. It has been made even simpler with the introduction of "PO Boxes Online," which enables you to reserve and pay for a Post Office box online. Opening a P.O. box is convenient for home business owners and others who want to use a separate address and take advantage of the security of the U.S. Post Office for important mail.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Internet Connection

  • Printer

  • Credit Card

  • Two forms of official ID

Step 1.

Use the United States Postal Service website (usps.whitepages.com) to find the Post Office nearest you in San Jose. Begin by selecting "PO Boxes Online" from the upper left dropdown menu.

Step 2.

Enter your address or zip code in the prompts. Note that San Jose has only three zip codes, so entering your address and choosing "5 miles" from the "Search Post Offices Within ... Miles" dropdown menu will give you the best results.

Step 3.

Check the list of Post Offices to find the closest one with the P.O. box size which best suits your needs. Select the size you want, a term of either six or twelve months and click "continue" at the bottom of the page.

Step 4.

Create your account so that you can continue to use the system. A box will appear which asks you to either sign in or create your account. Choose "Create Your Account," and enter your user name, password and security question as directed. Then click "continue," and choose personal or business before clicking "continue" again.

Step 5.

Enter your personal information as requested. Then, click "continue," enter your credit card details, verify your information, and submit. Print the Online P.O. Box Application (PS Form 1093) as well as a copy of the receipt you will be sent via e-mail.

Step 6.

Go to the Post Office with the filled-in application and two forms of ID, one of which must include a photo. You will receive your key or lock combination, and you may begin using your P.O. box.


There is a live chat for assistance on the Post Office selection page where you enter your address or zip code.

The entire process may be handled at the Post Office, but check online first to make sure that they have the size of box you want. To do this, follow steps 1, 2 and 3 above and then go to the Post Office as soon as possible to pay for your box. You will be able to pick up and fill out a copy of the necessary form at the Post Office; be sure to bring the necessary ID.


Credit cards (even with photos) and Social Security cards are not valid forms of ID. ID must contain a present address and be traceable to you.