How to Contact MSN by Phone

MSN is a website and dial-up Internet service offered by Microsoft Corporation. In addition, MSN offers premium subscription based services for members with high-speed Internet access. If you are currently a MSN dial-up customer, you may contact the MSN customer service department by phone. It is not possible to contact the MSN website by phone.

Dial 800-386-5550 or 866-205-6768 from your telephone.

Say "MSN" at the voice prompt to speak to a customer service representative for MSN dial-up.


Say your telephone number, including the area code, at the prompt. If you don't know the phone number associated with your MSN Dial-Up account or if you don't have an MSN Dial-Up account, say "I don't know" at the prompt. The automated system will connect you with an MSN customer service representative.