Before you get to such concerns as paperwork and location and inventory, the first step in opening your gift basket business is selecting a business name. Perhaps you want a name that’s really creative or that describes your merchandise or that represents you. Whatever you’re thinking of, several techniques are available for naming your gift basket business.

Step 1.

Use your own name. This is a common technique in naming a business. Examples include Gibson’s Baskets, Paula’s Gift Baskets, Gift Baskets by Michelle and Anderson Baskets. Perhaps you want to use a sentimental family title in your business name, such as Aunt Lola’s Baskets, Auntie’s Gift Baskets, Baskets by Gran or Grandma’s Gift Baskets. Or make use of a random word or phrase that you think is catchy or that has special meaning to you: Chestnut Baskets, Mountaintop Baskets or Odds and Ends Baskets, for example.

Step 2.

Use an adjective in your business name. Consider Best-Of Baskets, Unique Gift Baskets, Best Basket, Superb Gift Baskets, Favorite Baskets, Extraordinary Baskets, Dreamy Gift Baskets, Sassy Baskets or Classy Baskets. Consider using a prepositional phrase: Made with Love Gift Baskets, Over the Rainbow Baskets or For All Occasions Gift Baskets. You could also describe your product in your business name, such as Custom Gift Baskets, Celebration Baskets, Birthday 'n’ Holiday Baskets, Party Baskets, Special Occasion Gift Baskets or Just Because Gift Baskets.

Step 3.

Incorporate a rhyme into the business name. Some examples are Swift Gift Baskets, A Tisket A Tasket Baskets, Nifty Gifty Baskets and Bask in it Baskets. If you can, use your name: Baskets by Beth, Gift Baskets by Grace, B&B Baskets, Betty and Byron’s Baskets, Gus’s Gift Baskets or T. Baylor’s Baskets. Try alliteration, using any same-letter combination of words, such as Shooting Star Baskets, Goody Goody Gift Baskets, Fun and Funky Baskets, Cheer and Charm Gift Baskets or Stylish 'n' Stellar Baskets.

Step 4.

Use your location to name the business. Suggestions for including your address include Elmhurst Lane Baskets, Kerry Drive Gift Baskets, Lincoln Street Baskets or Southside Avenue Baskets. Incorporate your state or city: Tennessee Gift Baskets, Atlanta Baskets, Denver Gifts, Arizona Baskets or Tampa Baskets. Get more specific and use your shopping center, street or neighborhood -- a technique that has the added advantage of telling customers where you’re located: Verona Center Gift Baskets, Poplar Towers Baskets, Downtown Baskets or City Center Gift Baskets.