How to Find My PERC Number

by Stephen Lilley; Updated September 26, 2017

A PERC (Permanent Employee Registration Card) is a type of identification card given to security officers and private investigators in the state of Illinois. On a PERC is a unique number, a photograph of the worker in question and a business name (if applicable). If you're trying to find your PERC number, there are a few places to check depending upon the resources you have available.

Step 1

Use the Illinois "License Look-up" utility (See References). On the Illinois website is a utility that you can use to find your PERC as well as other identifying information about your account. Select your profession, enter your last name (or business name) as well as your first initial and click "Search" to find your PERC number, among other pieces of information about your license.

Step 2

Call the Illinois Division of Professional Regulation at (217) 782-8556. This is the governmental department to which you originally sent your PERC application. It has records of your original application as well as the PERC that was issued. If you have your PERC but don't have access to it, this division is able to look up your number.

Step 3

Examine the informational packet you received at the same time you received your PERC in the mail. This packet contains information to be saved for your records, including a copy of your application as well as a sheet detailing your PERC number. If you don't have immediate access to your PERC, you can find the number in these documents.

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