How to Find Out If a Passport Number Is Real

by Beth Rifkin; Updated September 26, 2017

Validating the identity of a new employee helps to protect against identity fraud and keep your company’s reputation intact. Passports are usually an acceptable form of identification, since they contain a photo, name, address and date of birth. To verify that a passport is legitimate, the passport number should be confirmed.

Passport ID Number

Every valid U.S. passport will contain an identification number, which is registered to the person who holds the document. The identification number is located on the photo page of the passport in the upper-right corner. Printed in black ink, the number is six to nine digits long and may contain both numbers and letters.

Verify ID Number

The Department of Homeland Security must be contacted to verify the passport number. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, a department of Homeland Security, offers E-Verify, an online service that matches employee data to government records. The ID number, along with the employee’s personal information and photo, can be validated with E-Verify. You may enroll your company in E-Verify online.



  • Confirm the passport ID number only through a U.S. government organization for safety. Many criminals use stolen and fraudulent passports as a form of identification. Using a U.S. government organization to verify the passport number is the most secure way to receive valid information.

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