How to Find Information on Starting an Assisted-Living Home

Assisted living facilities provide onsite long term care for elderly or handicapped individuals of various ages. Many individuals who require long term care receive some form of assistance from Medicaid, Medicare or Social Security. Your assisted living facility will have to meet state, local and national requirements in order to open and remain operational. The requirements for starting an assisted living facility vary based on your state.

Visit your state’s government page and select the option for starting a business. The page will provide you with information on the required documents, insurance, building codes and hiring employees. You can also visit the business center in your area to obtain information and required applications for licensing.

Visit the “National Center for Assisted Living” website and review the information provided on assisted living regulations and clinical guidelines. These documents will help you to decide what types of requirements must be met for a given type of facility.

Visit the Small Business Administration or SBA website for information about labor and employment law, funding for your facility, writing a business plan and business licensing information. The SBA also has offices located in most states in the United States that provide information about starting a business and mentors for business owners.