The number of seniors in the population is growing, according to Therefore, the demand for high-quality personal care service providers has also increased. A personal care business can be quite rewarding if you have the heart for serving the elderly. Although the personal care business requires effort and a love for the elderly, starting a personal care business is not at all complicated. (see Reference 1)

Step 1.

Decide what type of service you will be providing. Many elderly people just need a service provider to perform routine tasks around the house, while others may require more extensive care. If you plan to hire employees, determine the type of people to hire and whether they are required to possess medical or nursing certificates.

Step 2.

To legally run your business, you will need a permit and license. Contact your local town hall for guidance. You may also go to the State Department of Aging for consultation and help. Each state has different requirements for licenses and permits for each industry and business area.

Step 3.

Determine how much working capital you will need for your business venture. You can utilize the QuickBooks Pro accounting software to calculate how much you will need as startup capital. This program is very simple to use, and you do not need to be an accounting expert to learn to use it. (see Reference 2)

Step 4.

Choose an office location for your business. You will need a place that can appropriately represent your business. At this office, you will be conducting interviews with employees, meeting clients and teaching employees how to service, so you should choose a place with a professional look and clean location.

Step 5.

Conduct interviews with potential caregivers. Design an application and short list good applicants to interview. You should also conduct criminal checks and drug testing to make sure you are hiring the right person.

Step 6.

Advertise your business as widely as possible. Place ads in local newspapers and magazines. Place ads on online classified services such as Craigslist.