How to Get Green Certified

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As the U.S. population continues to soar, businesses and consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the necessity for sustainability. Eco-labeling is a smart action to take when marketing to green consumers, and green practices can save you money and energy in the long run.

Select a certification program based on your needs. For example, Green Seal provides certification for products; the U.S. Green Building Council awards certification for buildings; and the Energy Star Program awards energy-efficient products (see Resources).

Meet the standards of your certification program. Standards for businesses often include things like waste reduction, water-use reduction and the restriction of toxic chemicals.


Apply for certification. The application process might include a fee.


Prepare for an evaluation and audit by the program. Most programs will notify you of what you need to pass an evaluation before it takes place.



  • If your product or business fails to pass certification, most programs will help you improve in order to try the certification process again. To get a good grasp on how green businesses can thrive, study the practices of successful green businesses.