Stationery might be a leftover relic from the days when businesses communicated primarily with physical letters, but even in the digital age there may be times when you need to use traditional letterhead and envelopes. If you find yourself pouring too much money into stationery and business cards, cutting back on these expenses can ensure more money goes to the bottom line.

Cutting Costs

Before mailing a letter on business letterhead, consider if an email would be as effective. This will not only save you the cost of using unneeded stationery and envelopes, it also will provide added savings of reduced postage costs. You can also contact clients, suppliers and other stakeholders to see if they would prefer to correspond strictly by email or other paperless methods. If you use letterhead stationary infrequently, Xerox recommends printing your own as needed to save costs rather than hiring a printer to do the job. If you have employees, ask them to use stationery with discretion as well. For example, stationery can become lost in office drawers, so occasionally remind your staff to return unused items to the office pool. When you order items like envelopes, letterhead and business cards, buy in bulk to save costs. It is often cheaper to buy your supplies every quarter than every few weeks. You can also cut costs by using generic brands if your supplier offers them; shopping around for the lowest-priced supplier; and negotiating for discounts if your primary supplier does not offer competitive prices.