Companies often file a "remit to" address with their vendors where invoices and other communications are sent in hard copy form. It is important to keep the "remit to" address current with your vendors so that you receive those communications in a timely manner. Remit to addresses can usually be changed by filling out and submitting a contact information form to the vendor. If your business plans to move, make sure you fill out the "remit to" form ahead of time so that your business receives the paperwork in the new location.

Step 1.

Contact the vendor services or billing department of the vendor. Inform them that you would like to change the "remit to" address for your business.

Step 2.

Update the "remit to" or "billing address" form for your business. This includes items such as the name of the business, address, phone and fax number and Federal tax number. If your business is set-up for an automatic withdrawal it may include bank information such as the name of the bank, account number and routing number.

Step 3.

Submit the completed form back to the vendor services or billing department. Ask for a confirmation email so that you know it was received. You might also want to make a copy of the form for your records.