In the United States, the commissioned officer ranks are the highest in the military. Officers hold presidential commissions and are confirmed for duty by the Senate. Lieutenant colonels are in the middle grades of the commissioned officer ranks. For grade insignia, Lieutenant colonels wear a seven-pointed oak leaf with pin-on fasteners on all uniforms except the evening dress jacket, which carries an embroidered insignia. The oak leaf insignia is in silver or flat-black, depending on the circumstances and uniform. Insignia are worn on the shoulder straps, positioned according to regulation.

Step 1.

Identify the middle of the shoulder strap, as measured from the front edge to the back edge. The shoulder strap is the loop of material that runs from the base of your neck outward along your shoulder.

Step 2.

Mark a point along that middle line that is three-fourths of an inch from the seam that connects the sleeve and the shoulder strap.

Step 3.

Position the insignia over the shoulder strap with the stem of the oak leaf pointing away from the neck and directly out to the side.

Step 4.

Pin the insignia to the shoulder strap so that the stem of the oak leaf meets the point you marked.

Step 5.

Repeat the process for the other shoulder.