How Do You Plan a Front Office Department?

Whether you are starting a call center, an insurance office or another type of business, your front office department is likely the first impression your customers and clients will get of your company. Front office departments typically support the sales department and other departments in a company. Department size can range from two people to an entire team of people. A smooth-running front office department can help the rest of the company run effectively.

List the duties that need to be accomplished by the front office department. Break this list into daily, weekly and monthly duties. Include any assistance that you expect this department to offer to other departments.

Group together the similar duties in another list. This helps you to determine how many positions there need to be for each group of duties. For example, answering phones, opening mail and greeting customers or clients can be one group, which would typically be a receptionist position. Inputting invoices and paying those invoices would be another group of duties, which would be an accounts payable position.

Write down the type of people you want to represent the company in the front office department. For example, do you want young, bubbly personalities or professional, reserved personalities? Do you want people with a certain amount of experience or education? By coming up with this information, you will have a better idea of what you are looking for when you write your job-opening ads and interview potential employees.