A well written cleaning bid will give you the competitive advantage when vying for a mobile wash contract. The cleaning bid must be written in a clear and concise manner and provide details of your experience in handling works of a similar nature. You must study the client’s invitation to bid, visit his premises, take measurements, seek clarifications and then set about writing the bid for mobile washing services.

Step 1.

Express interest in the bid by writing a cover letter on your company’s letter head. The letterhead should contain the company’s logo, address, contact information and business license number. Mention the time period for which the bid is valid in the cover letter. End the cover letter with a polite greeting.

Step 2.

Outline the service details. These may include the mobile wash frequency, the time during which the cleaning will be done and prices for each cleaning service, consistent with the client’s requirements described in the bid invitation. You can differentiate yourself from other competitors by drawing the client’s attention to problems that have to be addressed immediately in addition to requirements mentioned in the bid invitation. State your readiness to solve those problems.

Step 3.

Give a brief description of your company. This may include operating experience, unique technical expertise and details of any certifications and awards that you have received in recognition of your work. Provide references of customers who have utilized your cleaning services previously. Ask for their consent first and provide their contact information.

Step 4.

Describe the cleaning services. Organize them into separate sections such as rooms, floors, equipment, furniture, windows, doors and cubicles. Mention the cleaning equipment and chemicals that you will be using, and state that any additional cleaning agents or special equipment required will be billed to the client.

Step 5.

Provide an itemized pricing for the various cleaning services. Give a breakdown of the material costs, labor costs and overhead costs of the price.

Step 6.

Include a service agreement that provides guarantee for the cleaning service. Offer to redo the job at no extra charge if the quality of the work is not to the client’s satisfaction.

Step 7.

Write the contract agreement in simple language. Leave space for the client to affix her signature in case you win the bid for the mobile wash cleaning services. Mention the date of commencement, contract period, schedule, cleaning specifications, payment terms and termination conditions.


Prepare a table of contents so that the client can easily find what he is looking for.

Ensure that the cleaning bid has at least seven pages and not more than 30 pages. Arrange all the pages in order and keep them in a folder or bind them.

Enclose copies of your quality control plan, hazard communication plan and business insurance coverage.