How to Reuse Vinyl Banners

by Cori Wood ; Updated September 26, 2017
A few simple techniques will allow you to reuse most vinyl banners.

Churches, other nonprofits and businesses use vinyl banners as inexpensive mobile signs. Banners created for a one-time event, or a group that changes its name, can become obsolete. When this happens, it is desirable to find a way to reuse them so they do not go to waste. It is usually possible to recycle a vinyl banner. If it has removable letters, you can peel them off. If you cannot remove the letters, you can display your new message on the back of the banner.

How to Reuse a Vinyl Banner

Reusing a vinyl banner is another way to keep our planet green.

Prepare the surface of your banner by either removing the letters or cleaning the back, blank side.

It is always a good idea to create a rough draft of your layout.

Sketch the message you want to create on your banner to help you maintain the correct spacing.

You will be able to step back and review to see if you have positioned your letters correctly.

Hang the banner so you can work on it while you are standing.

If you do not have an overhead projector you can use an LCD projector.

Use an overhead projector to project the image of the letters you will be using onto a sheet of label paper. You can control the size of the letters by moving the projector closer or farther away.

Having a template will give the letters a uniform look.

Trace the letters to the label paper.

Color the letters before you cut them out.

Use poster board markers to color the letters.

Be slow and meticulous so that you do not damage your letters.

Carefully cut out the letters.

Maintain balance as you space your letters.

Place the letters on the vinyl banner according to the sketch you made. You can use a level or a ruler to help you position your letters correctly. Once you are confident you have them where you want them, peel the backing off and stick them on the banner.

Putting clear tape over the enitre banner will help to waterproof it.

Take the 3-inch clear packing tape and tape it over the entire banner. This will ensure that the letters stay on the banner and it will provide some protection from moisture.


  • If you do not have an overhead projector you can use banner creating software. Label paper comes in standard-size sheets that you can run through a printer.

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