Dell is one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world and sells millions of PCs every year. While many Dell customers have relatively few problems with their purchases, defective or problem products are a certainty when selling so many computers. Therefore, if you are experiencing problems with a Dell product, you must contact the company’s customer service or tech support division for assistance. If initial attempts to correct the problem are not successful, however, you may need to escalate a complaint or problem to the Unresolved Issues Department (commonly known as Dell Executive Support).

Step 1.

Gather all paperwork associated with your Dell purchase. Have your invoice or order number on hand before contacting Dell Customer Service. Also, look for and record the service tag for your Dell product or system. In most cases, the service tag will be on the bottom or rear of the product.

Step 2.

Call Dell Customer Service at 1-800-924-9897. Wait for a customer service representative to answer the call. Explain your problem to the CSR in a friendly, polite manner, and remain calm and relaxed. Wait to see if the CSR can offer you an acceptable resolution to your problem. In many cases, the CSR may transfer your call to a different department based on the problem you are having (i.e., billing issues or technical support). You must contact the main Customer Service department before you can escalate complaints or problems to the Unresolved Issues Department.

Step 3.

Obtain a case, complaint or reference number if your initial call to the Dell Customer Service department is not successful. You may need to call Dell Customer Service several times before you receive a reference number. Ask to speak to a supervisor if the CSR you speak with cannot issue a complaint or case number. Write down the case, complaint or reference number (Dell CSRs use the term interchangeably).

Step 4.

Navigate to the Dell “Unresolved Issues” support page (see Resources).

Step 5.

Enter your e-mail address, case or reference number, and Dell order number into the corresponding fields on the “Unresolved Issues” page. Enter a brief explanation of any unresolved issues or problems you have with your Dell purchase. Click the “Submit” button.

Step 6.

Wait 48 hours for the Unresolved Issues team to respond to your request. If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours, submit another request. In most cases, however, Dell will respond to inquiries made on the Unresolved Issues page in the allotted time frame. For issues reported using the Unresolved Issues page, Dell assigns senior CSRs and supervisors to the cases to hasten finding quick resolutions to customer problems.


You can also contact the regular Customer Service department on the Dell website. Calling the department directly, however, usually results in faster response times and resolution of problems. On the other hand, you can only contact Dell Executive Support (Unresolved Issues team) over the Web.