How to Use EZ Dub

Since Hewlett Packard introduced the 4020i CD burner in 1995, at a cost of $995, prices for optical recorder drives have fallen steadily to well below $100. Modern burners are also much easier to use and create more reliable disc copies. The software used to make disc copies, however, has not changed that much. In most cases, you still need to open software, choose a file format and usually follow a bunch of steps to burn a disc. When LiteOn released EZ-DUB, though, this changed. With EZ-DUB enabled burner drives, you can copy discs by pressing a single button.

Installing EZ-DUB

Connect the USB cable from the LiteOn burner drive into an empty USB port on your computer. Wait for Windows to detect the LiteOn burner and configure it for use automatically.

Insert the EZ-DUB installation CD into the burner drive (or another optical drive on your computer). Wait for the installation wizard to appear on the screen. Click and select the installation language for the application, and then click “Install.” Wait for the utility to install EZ-DUB software on your PC.

Reboot the computer to complete the installation of the EZ-DUB application on your PC.

Duplicate a Disc with EZ-DUB

Press the “DUB” button on the top of the LiteOn burner drive. Wait for the drive tray to open.

Insert the source disc (disc you want to copy) into the drive tray. Press the “Eject” button or click the “OK” button on the pop-up window on the monitor screen. The drive tray closes automatically.

Wait for the EZ-DUB application to read data from the source disc and eject the drive tray. Insert the blank disc into the drive tray and press the “Eject” button or click “OK” on the screen. Wait for the EZ-DUB utility to write data to the disc. The drive tray opens automatically when burn process finishes. Remove the disc and use as you normally would.

Backing Up Files with EZ-DUB

Press the “File” button on the top of the LiteOn burner drive. Wait for the “EZ-DUB “File” window to appear.

Click “Start” and then “Computer.” Browse to the folder that contains the files you want to back up to disc. Drag and drop the files into the EZ-DUB “File” window.

Press the “File” button on the burner drive again. Wait for the disc tray to eject, and then insert a blank CD or DVD. Press the “Eject” button or click the “OK” button on the screen to back up the files to the disc. The drive tray ejects automatically when the application finishes backing up the selected files. Remove the backup disc and store in a safe place.