How to Create an Appointment Book

Blue highlighter and day planner image by Jim Mills from

Whether you run your own business or are a busy mom on the go, an appointment book can be a valuable tool in managing your daily schedule. But instead of using an off-the-shelf appointment book, you might do better to make your own. Creating your own customized or personalized appointment book is possible with the use of a professional-level graphics program like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP freeware.

Examine appointment books for sale at a local retailer to get a sense of how to create and organize sections. You will want a contacts section, emergency contacts and a small calendar for one or more years.

Select any personalized elements you want to add, such as photos or other graphics you may want to include as section dividers or as backgrounds to pages. Save images in a folder on your computer. You can then open each image in a graphics program to add it as a background or other decorative element.


Select a page size for your appointment book.

Create each page in your appointment book in the graphics program you've chosen.


Have your appointment book printed through a print shop or office supply store for a professional look.