Facsimile is another word often used to describe the process of sending and receiving a fax. Sending a facsimile allows you to share documents and pictures with someone else by transmitting the data through electronic signals to a receiving fax machine. Sending a facsimile requires that you have a fax machine, a trusted phone connection and the fax number of the machine to which you are sending the fax.

Retrieve your documents and line them up in the order that you want to transmit them.

Create a cover letter with your contact information and the information of the receiving party, just in case someone other than the recipient gets the fax.

Lay the cover letter on top of the stack of documents. Place the documents upright and face-down in the fax machine.

Dial the recipient’s fax number by pressing the numbers on the dial pad. If it is a long-distance number you will need to input a "1" and the area code.

Press the “Send” key and wait for the machine to dial the number. Wait for the fax machine to scan the documents. One by one, the documents will pass through the machine. You will hear a series of beeps and tones.

Wait for a confirmation letter to print, if your fax machine is set up for this function. The document will tell you whether the fax was successful.