How to Verify a Tax ID Number in Las Vegas

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By law, all Nevada businesses must legally register with the state Department of Taxation prior to the onset of business operations. To facilitate the registration process, the Department of Taxation operates several branch locations statewide, including a full service location in Las Vegas, the state's largest city. The office provides access to registration information such as a state of federal tax identification number to visitors along a number of channels. For privacy purposes, a valid reason must be provided with any official request for records.

Visit the Nevada Department of Taxation. Verify tax and business information at the Las Vegas office of the Nevada Department of Taxation. Staff members at the Las Vegas location provides access to it's database of tax registration records for all legal businesses formed within the Silver State. To access records, provide a business trade name and name of the registered owner. Currently, the office operates from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Send an email to the Nevada Department of Taxation requesting the tax registration information on a particular business. Provide a business trade name, the owner's name and a physical address if available.

Request tax registration information in writing. Type a handwritten request for tax registration information from the Nevada Department of Taxation. Send the request via postal mail to the Department of Taxation's Las Vegas location. Written requests must be accompanied by a valid reason for the request with power of attorney or court-related information if needed.