Many counties and communities have a zoning committee or a zoning board. These committees determine the zones or districts of a certain area. Land-development decisions are also a part of a zoning committee’s duties. People write letters to their local zoning committee for a variety of reasons such as to file a complaint or to have items added to the agenda for the next committee meeting. Writing a professional letter to the committee is not hard to do.

Write the heading at the top of the page, either centered or about two-thirds of the way to the right of the page. The heading includes your address on the first line, your city, state and ZIP code on the second and the date on the third.

Write the name of the zoning committee a few lines down, left-justified, followed by its address, city, state and ZIP code. This is known as the inside address.

Write a greeting two spaces below. You can write “Dear Zoning Board," "Dear Zoning Committee Members" or "Dear Sirs or Mesdames," followed by a colon.

Write the body of the letter.