How to Check on Your LLC

Most states have specific naming requirements for limited liability companies. Generally, the name must include the words "limited liability company" in some form. The other requirement is that the name must be unique in the state in which you plan to register. To check on your desired LLC name, simply consult the corporate name search available on most scretary of state websites. This name search will also provide the status of any LLCs listed under the queried name.

Visit the official secretary of state name search tool for the state in which you wish to register the LLC (see Resources). You may also navigate to the main website for the secretary of state in the desired state and use the business portal to access the name search tool.

Enter the search parameters you want to use to refine your query. Possible options include typing part of the name or specifying "LLC" as the corporate type.

Enter the desired name of the LLC in the appropriate field and click search to display the results. Also search using the desired name without any additional modifiers such as "LLC."


  • This search also lists the current status of any existing corporations of the same name. It will list the LLC as being active or canceled in many states. The name is most likely available if no results are returned, but an official name availability form and filing fee are required for verification.


  • Consult your state's regulations on corporate names to ensure that your application for an LLC name is not denied. Some states prohibit names that are too closely related to existing company names.



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