How Can I Advertise My Property Management Business?

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There are numerous ways you can advertise your property management business. You first need to get names, addresses and email addresses of apartment or property owners, real estate agents and builders in new communities. You may be able to obtain lists of some property owners and builders through your Chamber of Commerce. Other options include looking through the print or online Yellow Pages. You may be able to get lists of builders through the National Association of Home Builders. The Property Management Association can assist your with ideas for your business.

Create a website for your property management company, highlighting your experience and credentials. Add information about other professionals or officers employed by your property management company. Stress the benefits of using your property management business over competitive companies. Use testimonials or statements from current clients as proof of your property management success. Advertise your website using pay-per click ads through Decide how much you want to pay for each visit to your site, then pay Google to include your ad and listing.

Advertise in your business-to-business Yellow Pages directory, where real estate agents and property owners can easily look you up. Run both a print and online business-to-business ad.

Order mailing lists of real estate companies and property owners through trade associations, such as the National Association of Realtors and the Property Management Association. Select the areas or zip codes for the lists you want. Mail postcards to these real estate and property or apartment owners. Return calls from the postcards immediately because real estate agents and property owners are probably talking to several property management companies.

Place classified ads in major trade publications that real estate agents and property owners are likely to read. Put ads in magazines such as "Commercial Property News," "Real Estate Forum" or "Apartment Finance Today." Include your website address in your classified ads.


  • Another option is to distribute brochures to real estate agents and apartment or property owners. Use brochures instead of fliers because brochures are more professional. Attend home building or real estate trade shows whenever possible. Set up a booth at the trade shows so you can talk to real estate agents and property owners. Make sure you have plenty of brochures and business cards at your booth.