Monthly reports are valuable as a record of events and results in a department and as a contribution to a business as a whole. In education they also provide useful information from different departments as to progress and results. They are a record that can be collated into larger documents to provide an overall view for a business or college.

Write an introduction about the subject indicating why you are requesting submission of monthly reports. Show good reasons why they are required and the contribution they are going to make to the business, college or university as a whole.

Describe the benefits to the recipients, as most people will think of this as extra work. A monthly report can be an opportunity to praise and demonstrate where things have gone well. It can also be a chance to mention areas where support is needed or something needs followup. It can also be a report on the progress of a particular project. Highlight the reports' importance for planning and focusing the mind of the individual on his or his department's efforts.

Give dates and deadlines for the year when the monthly reports will be required. Emphasize why they need to be on time, as they are generally a contribution to a larger report and this can be delayed if the monthly reports are delayed.

Supply a template if possible that contains the main points you want covered in the monthly report. This makes it easier for the respondents to complete and saves time each month. They can change the template where necessary. Alternatively, give guidelines in your letter to assist the report writers. Different departments will be providing different information -- for example, some financial and some sales -- so different templates may be required. Ask the report writer to list categories on separate sheets.

Split each section of the letter into paragraphs. Give the reasons the monthly report is required in the first paragraph. Describe the benefits to the recipients in the second. Mention dates and deadlines in the third paragraph, or supply a separate list with the dates. Mention the template or guidelines in the fourth paragraph. Include a note of appreciation in the final paragraph for the recipient's help. Be concise and pleasant.


Writing a business letter requires certain formalities. If you start the letter with someone's name, it should end "Yours sincerely." If you start with "Dear Sir or Madam," it should end "Yours faithfully." Below the salutation should be a reference or subject detail line, in this case "Monthly Reports."


Write the letter as a request but be firm that the reports will be needed every month.