How to Make a Flyer for House Painting

painter working image by Gintautas Velykis from

Offering your painting services to the neighborhood is an innovative way to make extra money, particularly if you live in an area with historical wooden houses that need continual painting maintenance. To run a small business successfully, it is crucial that you advertise your offered services and one such advertising outlet is to make up and distribute flyers. Although you can create your own simple flyers in word processing or presentation programs on your computer, downloading a finished, structured template will make your flyers look much more professional.

Go to one of the online services that offer free, pre-made flyer templates available for download, such HP Creative Studio for Home.

Choose a flyer template with a housing theme, such as the “Realty Classic Vertical Flyer.” Many of the flyers available via this service are two pages, although you will only need a one-sided page for your flyer.

Download and save the template of your choice onto the computer desktop by clicking on the document icon twice, choose “Save As” and then “Desktop.”

Open the template in Microsoft Word from your computer’s desktop.

Click in the “Title” box and type in a catchy title for the flyer, such as “Does Your House Need a Paint Job?” Use an easy-to-read font for the title, such as Calibri or Arial, and choose the bold option. Use a larger font size to make the title stand out, such as font size 22. Type a subtitle under the title, with the name of the painting company. Drag the bottom of the text box lower if you need more room to fit these titles within the title box.

Click on the text box below the title box and type in a description of the painting services that you are offering, using bullet points for each line item. For example, type “Experienced house painter immediately available to paint your home. Full paint jobs or touch-up paint services offered.” Use the same font as the title, although use a smaller size such as 16.

Type in a line explaining what areas of the town or city that you would be willing to cover in the bottom text box. Include a separate line item that mentions “References available.”

Choose an hourly wage (per person) for your painting services. Make sure this wage rate is competitive based on painter wages charged for your area by painting companies. Include material costs with the hourly wage cost. Type the wage information in a separate line in the right hand side text box, using the same font and text size. For example, type “$35 Per Hour, Per Person + Cost of Painting Materials.”

Copy and paste a picture of a house that you have already painted into the bottom right hand text box and re-size the picture to fit in the box, pushing the side tabs with your mouse.

Put your cursor in the far left hand text box. Type your contact details into the text box, including a cell phone number, an email address and a website address, if applicable. This should also be in font size 16. Copy and paste a good photo of yourself into the top section of the same text box. Resize the photo so that it fits within borders of the text box.

Delete any extra text that you do not want in the template, such as the “Place Photo Here” or Delete Text Here” prompts. Type in the name of your painting company, with a logo if applicable, in the bottom white panel of the flyer.

Print out copies of the flyer on 8 ½-by-11 inch white paper with a color printer. Take a few copies of the flyer to the local office supplies store to make additional color photocopies.