How to Complete a Job Hazard Analysis

Conducting a job hazard analysis and instituting changes based on its safety findings helps identify and prevent on-the-job hazards. It examines the interrelationship of task, employee, equipment, and the work environment. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides free publications on job hazard analysis and guidance on developing an employee health and safety program.

Meet with your employees to discuss the need for a job hazard analysis as a part of the company's safety program. Their input provides an inside view of each job and reduces analysis oversights.

Conduct a review of the business' accident history and employee illnesses with the employees. Include a review of equipment losses and near-miss events.

Interview employees to ascertain existing, identified hazards, and devise methods of elimination or control. For hazards causing imminent danger, make immediate changes to protect employees.

Prioritize the hazardous tasks placing those with unacceptable risks and severe consequences at the top of the list for final analysis.

Shadow each employee as they perform the prioritized tasks and jobs. Record each task step in writing and use photographs or video. Do not skip basic steps.

Review each task with the employees to ensure the job hazard analysis is complete, and devise methods of elimination or control of hazardous steps.

Retrain employees on the new, safer job steps. Make sure they understand the new procedures and the reasons for their institution.