How to Design a Kiosk

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Companies use kiosks in malls and in high-traffic courtyards and walkways to attract attention to a product or a promotion. Kiosks slowly introduce the product into the market and into the consumer's eye. If you are interested in designing a kiosk for your company, there are several items you should incorporate into the overall design of your company's kiosk.

Choose what type of experience you want your customer to have. In general, there are two types of kiosks: one that has a personal attendant and one that uses a digital, computer-based interface. Attendants can make the kiosk experience more personal and can help attract more people, but computer models also make the experience more interactive.

Analyze the weather conditions. Maintenance issues vary depending on the weather conditions at the location of your kiosk. If your kiosk is in an environment that will receive extremes of hot or cold weather, design around those issues. In hotter extremes, make sure that either your attendant or computer has access to proper ventilation. In colder climates, make sure that your attendant can stay warm or that your computer does not come in contact with water or snow.

Create a style sheet. Include what types of colors, images and language you want to use on your kiosk. The colors, images and language you use will affect the response you receive from potential customers. Depending on your location, you need to find a way to make your kiosk stand out but also seem approachable.