As a call center manager, you need to effectively motivate and encourage your agents to perform consistently at a high level to accomplish your company's goals. You also must establish clear performance criteria that lets agents know what you expect in a way that encourages them to give their best effort. Clear, effective performance objectives help your agents deal productively with customers and perform well under pressure.

Step 1.

List specific targets for each area of performance you wish to measure. Establish specific call handle time, quality score and attendance guidelines that ensure your agents are on time and managing their time effectively while at work.

Step 2.

Meet often to evaluate progress, and coach your agents on ways to improve. Train the agents to overcome any weaknesses in their approach or behavior. Listen to calls with the agents, and give them feedback on what works and what they can do better when dealing with customers.

Step 3.

Listen to your agents' concerns. Agents are on the front lines of the battle for your customers, and they may provide valuable feedback that you cannot get from any other source. This feedback may alert you to problems in your call center's operation or areas where your agent needs further training to meet the company's goals.

Step 4.

Provide continual refresher training to support your agents in achieving the standards you set. Well-trained employees will demonstrate that they have strong knowledge of your products and the finesse needed to handle customer complaints efficiently and effectively.