Work measurement is the process where an organization determines if work programs, investments and acquisitions are reaching anticipated goals. Before determining the work measurement of certain performances or tasks, an amount of time must be allowed to pass. Different organizations use work measurement procedures for different areas of work performance. Work measurement is a beneficial tool for schools, employers and other professionals.


Organizations may have preferred methods in which work should be carried out. When preferred methods are followed all parties are safe and productive, quality work is performed and individuals receive appropriate breaks and rest periods when needed. Preferred methods in general keep work performance and procedures running smoothly.

Time and Cost

Proper work measurement reduces time and money wasted on a program or project. Detailed work measurement helps persons to make adequate plans for the amount of time and money spent on such ventures.


Work measurement is also beneficial when collected data is analyzed and reviewed properly. The reporting systems help persons to see when and where changes to the system can be made or improved upon. A fine tuned reporting system produces statistical information beneficial for this type of review.