An operations plan is a written description stating how functions of the business operations are handled. It describes the procedures in operating activities, the processes used and the responsibility of workers in each department. These plans are created to increase the efficiency in the business processes. An operations plan is a standard section included in most organizations' business plans. An operations plan for customer service describes the procedures expected for workers in this department. This plan promotes efficiency in customer service and should be reviewed often to ensure it is working effectively.

Review customer service employees. Good customer service begins with customer service representatives who are assets to the company. To be a good customer service representative, a person should possess enthusiasm and should be outgoing and friendly. He should also possess problem-solving skills and be able to be empathetic with customers. An operations plan containing workers who do not fit these requirements will not be as efficient as possible. The main goal of customer service is keeping customers happy. To improve the operations plan for this, reviewing customer service employees is vital.

Create training programs. Effective customer service requires proper training for the representatives. By creating and implementing required training classes, employees are trained in the proper procedures for handling customers' calls, questions and complaints. Knowledgeable employees produce better results. A company’s operations plan should contain details regarding training programs available and requirements of workers. If the plan does not, these should be added as an attempt to improve the performance of all customer service representatives.

Authorize decisions to be made by certain employees. Not all employees should necessarily be authorized to make extremely tough decisions, but by allowing some of them this authority, employees gain self-confidence. Employees should feel that their decisions are important and valuable. An operations plan should contain a procedure regarding employee rewards. When customer service representatives make a good decision with a customer, the employee should be congratulated or recognized in some way to encourage the employee to continue seeking good resolutions with customers.

Develop customer feedback. Feedback from customers is an important opportunity of which businesses should take advantage. The operations plan should say how feedback is received and should explain how the feedback is processed. Many companies record and monitor all feedback. The feedback is analyzed and used to make improvements in the organization.