If you have a significant news item you want to share through a press release, you can consider submitting the press release through one of several wires online. However, these services generally charge a fee. If you only want the press release to go to the Associated Press (AP), you can simply submit the press release to AP directly.

Determine if your press release needs to go to a specific department. Other than the main department, the Associated Press has four additional sub-departments. They include sports, arts and entertainment, business news, lifestyle and news features.

Email your press release in the body of an email to [email protected]. If the release falls into one of the sub-departments, include the department in the subject line or in the body of the email.

Mail your press release, if you'd prefer, to the AP's headquarters. The address is:

Associated Press 450 W. 33rd St. New York, New York 10001

Mail your press release to a local AP affiliate, if the press release is of regional or local, rather than national, significance. Visit the Associated Press resource link and select your state from the link to view the address.


Consider calling the AP department, particularly with local affiliates, beforehand to let the editor know that you'll be sending a press release. This gives the editor a head's up and allows you to ensure your press release is headed to the right person in the department.