Comdata is a subsidiary of Ceridian. It provides payment and business transaction management, primarily to warehouses, truck stops and convenience stores. Comdata issues payments and holds money in Comdata checks and Comdata cards. The system is fully integrated across most of the United States, making it ideal for truck drivers. Any purchases made through the Comdata system are accessible to participating merchants for business account management. Comdata check verification is fairly simple.

Call Comdata at 1-800-733-3398 or 1-800-226-3870. Be sure to have the check you wish to verify handy.

Give the representative the check number, the account number on the Comdata check and the amount of the Comdata check. Some Comdata checks will have preprinted authorization numbers on the front. If your check has one, give the authorization number to the telephone representative.

Ask the Comdata representative to verify the check.


Alternatively, you can take the Comdata check to your bank or credit union. Ask a customer service member to verify the Comdata check.