How to Enter Income in Quickbooks

Quickbooks is a professional accounting software program developed by Intuit to help businesses manage their finances. Quickbooks allows users to set up and categorize accounts, manage and track financial data, create a budget and produce reports. Income received from customers or clients is entered into the software as payments received and is recorded into the application's general ledger. You must have a client or customer account already set up to enter income into Quickbooks, or you will need to create a new customer account for that client.

Current Customer

Launch Quickbooks, then click the "Receive Payments" icon on the homepage.

Click "List," then double-click the customer who paid you.

Click "Add Payment," then enter the payment information in the appropriate fields. Click the "Save & Close" button to record the income.

New Customer

Launch Quickbooks, then click "Lists" from the main menu bar and click "Chart of Accounts" from the drop-down list.

Click "Account" at the bottom of the list of accounts, then click "New."

Click the type of account profile that you want for the new customer from the "Type" drop-down list. Enter the required information about the new customer in the appropriate fields.

Click "Next," then enter the initial payment amount received. Click the "Save" button to record the income.


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