When working in an office environment, sharing and borrowing the supplies of others is a common occurrence. The downside of this is that sometimes people may neglect to return the lent office supplies. The most professional way to deal with this is in the form of a letter, sent via email. It is simple to write, and if done in the correct manner, ensures that the equipment is returned and no relationships are strained.

Start off the email by writing, "Hello," followed by the person's name, if she is someone that you know fairly well. If it is someone that you are not well acquainted with, or if she is of higher authority, start off with the word "Dear," followed by the name.

Double space from your introduction and begin the body paragraph. State that you are just sending a friendly reminder, as you understand how things can be forgotten when it becomes busy around the office. It is important to maintain a friendly and understanding tone, so as to not anger the recipient--causing tension and further delaying the return of your supplies.

Indent, and state that you will need the return of office supplies for an upcoming project. State the specific supplies lent, as a reminder to them, and the date that you will be needing them by.

Indent, and follow up your paragraphs with a friendly closing statement like "I hope all is well" to end on a happy note.

Write, "Thank you," and sign your name at the bottom before sending your email off.