How to Print at Kinko's

FedEx Kinko's offers a tool that you can download to your computer that allows you to print any document on your computer at a FedEx Kinko's location. The tool offers a variety of printing and formatting options and will automatically send the print job to your FedEx Kinko's location of choice. When you arrive at the FedEx Kinko's location, your printed order will be ready for pickup.

Download and install the Kinko's print tool on your computer. (See Resources for a link to the download.) Click the "Download and Install Now" button. Follow the prompts to download and install the tool.

Open the document you want to print.

Click the "File" option from the toolbar and select the "Print" option. Select "Kinko's" from the list of available printers.

Choose the printing and binding options you want to use for your document. Check the boxes that correspond to the options you want to select. For example, you can choose color or black and white, and whether you need your document collated. You also need to select the FedEx Kinko's store where you will pick up your printed documents.

Preview your order and enter your credit card information to pay for the order.

Go to the FedEx Kinko's store you selected in Step 4 and pick up your printed documents.


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