Since 1963, Mary Kay Cosmetics has been “Enriching Women’s Lives” by offering trendy cosmetic products and the opportunity to sell them. While some women make a career out of selling Mary Kay products, others prefer to work the “business” as a hobby. Taking a fun-focused approach to your business will not earn you a pink check, Mary Kay diamonds or the trademarked pink Cadillac. However, you will only have to meet minimum quotas and you will have access to ordering at wholesale.

Step 1.

Contact a Mary Kay representative and ask her to sponsor you. If you do not know a representative, visit the Mary Kay website and access the Consultant Locator. It is at the top center of the screen.

Step 2.

Fill out your Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement. You will be required to include basic statistical information like your address, phone number and Social Security number. Turn in the filled-out agreement to your sponsor.

Step 3.

Submit your check or credit card number as payment for your starter kit. As of December 2010, the cost is $100 plus tax and shipping.

Step 4.

Receive your starter kit and remove the paperwork. Your new Consultant Number will be included in the paperwork.

Step 5.

Log on to the Mary Kay InTouch website to place your first order. You will need your Consultant Number to do this.

Step 6.

Access the online ordering catalog by clicking on the tab that says “Place an Order.”

Step 7.

Select your products. Your first order must be $200 wholesale or more. To receive any free products, you will need to place a first order of $600 wholesale or more.

Step 8.

Place a minimum $200 wholesale order once a year to keep your wholesale buying rights.


Use the sample cards in the Starter Kit to learn how to apply eye and face makeup.


Do not order Section 2 sales aid products if you are using Mary Kay as a hobby.