How to Run Your Mary Kay Business As a Hobby

by Monica Patrick; Updated September 26, 2017

Since 1963, Mary Kay Cosmetics has been “Enriching Women’s Lives” by offering trendy cosmetic products and the opportunity to sell them. While some women make a career out of selling Mary Kay products, others prefer to work the “business” as a hobby. Taking a fun-focused approach to your business will not earn you a pink check, Mary Kay diamonds or the trademarked pink Cadillac. However, you will only have to meet minimum quotas and you will have access to ordering at wholesale.

Step 1

Contact a Mary Kay representative and ask her to sponsor you. If you do not know a representative, visit the Mary Kay website and access the Consultant Locator. It is at the top center of the screen.

Step 2

Fill out your Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement. You will be required to include basic statistical information like your address, phone number and Social Security number. Turn in the filled-out agreement to your sponsor.

Step 3

Submit your check or credit card number as payment for your starter kit. As of December 2010, the cost is $100 plus tax and shipping.

Step 4

Receive your starter kit and remove the paperwork. Your new Consultant Number will be included in the paperwork.

Step 5

Log on to the Mary Kay InTouch website to place your first order. You will need your Consultant Number to do this.

Step 6

Access the online ordering catalog by clicking on the tab that says “Place an Order.”

Step 7

Select your products. Your first order must be $200 wholesale or more. To receive any free products, you will need to place a first order of $600 wholesale or more.

Step 8

Place a minimum $200 wholesale order once a year to keep your wholesale buying rights.


  • Use the sample cards in the Starter Kit to learn how to apply eye and face makeup.


  • Do not order Section 2 sales aid products if you are using Mary Kay as a hobby.

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