How to Introduce a Change of Leadership to Staff

by Faizah Imani; Updated September 26, 2017

When you experience a “changing of the guards” in the workplace, it is necessary to relay the news to the rest of the staff. Depending upon the staff's relationship with the former leadership, there may be acceptance or resistance to the new leader. To minimize resistance, avoid talking about the old leader in a negative light. Instead, focus your message on the new addition to your corporate family.

Step 1

Brace the staff for the news you are about to report. Start with an email that lets the staff know that the change is for the betterment of the company. For example, you can say, “As with any successful and thriving company, in order to keep growing, change and transition is inevitable.”

Step 2

Explain why the other leader is no longer there, especially if the previous leader left on good terms. For example, the former leader received a promotion within the company. If the former leader left on bad terms or was forced out, don't talk about the details with the employees.

Step 3

Tell the staff about the new leader. Give information about his qualifications, impressive highlights from his resume and his educational background. If the new leader beat out a lot of other competition for the position, give a sense of the size of the applicant pool

Step 4

Advise the staff of the responsibilities of the new leader. The staff needs to know what issues the new leader is handling and when an employee should contact her.

Step 5

Provide the staff with the email address and telephone extension of the new leader. Advise the staff of the new leader's official start date.

Step 6

Encourage the staff to welcome the new leadership by making him feel at home. If a meet and greet is scheduled, announce the date, time and location that staff can meet and greet the new leader.

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