When you are running an active business, the business address and contact information is listed in various places, such as the local phone book and online business directories. If your business is closing or moving to another address, you want to remove your current business listing. While there are many online directories that get information about your business from various sources, according to Daily SEO Tips, it is impossible for you to change all the business listings yourself. Start by planting seeds and let the directory updates fix the listing information.

Step 1.

Add any relevant information to your business website. For example, if your business is relocating or closing its doors, inform your customers or clients by writing a message.

Step 2.

Contact the Secretary of State department where you registered your corporation, partnership, LLC or LLP to have your business information altered or deleted. The laws for business registration differ for each state, but corporations and partnerships are often registered with the state, whereas sole proprietors are registered with the local county where the business operates. According to Small Business SEM, business information registered with the State Department is made public, which means online registries and listings can easily obtain your business information.

Step 3.

Contact your local phone book to ensure your business information is not printed in the newest version of the local phone book. If you are simply altering the business address, submit the new business information to the phone book clerk.

Step 4.

Find your business information under the Google Local Business Listings. Click the “More” button and select the “Report a Problem” link. Explain that the address is wrong or the business is no longer operating. Google will fix the information or delete the listing.

Step 5.

Wait until online business listings update their information. According to Small Business SEM, online listings are often compiled of information founds by research specialists, phone books, government filings, organizations, trade affiliations, marketing lists and telephone sources.