How to Open an Eyeglass Store

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Eyeglasses are more popular than ever and selling frames and lenses is a profitable business. No longer just used for seeing better, glasses are trendy, fun and a fashion statement. The eyeglass industry can be a great career choice because you can make money while helping people see better and look better. There are specific things to keep in mind if you are considering opening your own eyeglass store.

Visit other optical stores for ideas and comparison. Build a business plan based on your goals and your local optical retail atmosphere. Consult with an accountant who is experienced in medical business plans.

Contact your state's medical board or optician's association for laws governing optical retail outlets in your state. The Opticians Association of America can direct you to the proper office in your area. Research legal criteria for filling spectacle and contact lens prescriptions.

Subscribe to an optical trade magazine. Through the magazine you can find lists of vendors who sell frames in your area. Contact a frame representative for an appointment to view samples and to seek advice about styles that sell well in your area. If you do not have display units for frames, ask the frame representative to recommend a frame display vendor.

Call the Optical Laboratories Association to find labs in your area that make lenses for eyeglasses. Make an appointment with several labs to compare costs and policies.

Schedule appointments with potential optometrists if you are considering leasing space to an eye doctor in your eyeglass store. Local or nearby universities that have an optometry program are a good resource for finding eye doctors.

Use your state's optician association to find reputable and experienced opticians to work in your store. Each state has its own law governing dispensing eyewear and some require licensed opticians to be present during the sale of eyeglasses.