When a business is registered in the state of Indiana, the owner must register for an employer identification number with the IRS. The number is assigned after the business owner completes the SS-4 form issued by the IRS by providing truthful and relevant information about the Indiana business. This number is used by the IRS for business taxes. If you have misplaced your EIN for your Indiana business and need to locate it for tax purposes, contact the IRS office that filed your EIN for you.

Step 1.

Find the local IRS office in Indiana that filed your employer identification number application. In Indiana, there are IRS offices in Columbus, Evansville, Bloomington, Ft. Wayne, Merrillville, Muncie, Indianapolis, Lafayette, Terre Haute and South Bend.

Step 2.

Call your IRS office and inform the clerk that you have misplaced your EIN for your Indiana business and that you need it to do your business taxes.

Step 3.

Provide the clerk with any relevant information he may need to find your EIN in the IRS system. This could include your business name, the physical address or the owner’s name.

Step 4.

Answer any security questions the clerk may have to ensure that you are entitled to the information.

Step 5.

Write down the EIN when the clerk reads it out loud. Read the number back to the clerk to ensure that you have the correct one. Ask the clerk to send you the EIN in the mail, so you have it in your records for later use.