As the wine business expands, so does the market for wine accessories. Hand-painted wineglasses make an excellent gift for a wine lover or a beautiful favor at a wedding. They're also just plain fun to purchase for one's own enjoyment. The key to being successful if you decide to sell hand-painted wineglasses is marketing your product. Let the public know about your wineglasses and show what a great product you have created.

Things You Will Need
  • Business cards

  • Labels

Step 1.

Make a name for yourself. Invest in some business cards and labels. Pass out cards to friends and family, and leave your cards at local businesses on bulletin boards. When you sell a wineglass, package it nicely and add your label to the package.

Step 2.

Create contacts. Use social networking sites and blogs to connect with large amounts of people. Take pictures of your wineglasses and post them so people can see what you're selling. Make friends with local business owners; perhaps you may be able to rent some space to display your wineglasses in their shops.

Step 3.

Become visible as a business by donating your wineglasses to be raffled off for charity, or sponsor a local sports team in return for some free advertising.

Step 4.

Use email to your advantage. Email your contacts about sales, new products or specials during the holidays. Ask them to forward your news to their contacts as well.

Step 5.

Consider using an online marketplace to sell your wineglasses.

Step 6.

Create a slogan or tagline for your wineglasses. Something catchy that can be printed on your cards and labels will help people remember you.

Step 7.

Look for new opportunities to share your work. Craft shows, fundraisers, local farmers' markets and church fairs are all good ways to show off your hand-painted wineglasses.


Begin by setting a reasonable price for your wineglasses. As your reputation grows, and the demand grows, you may consider raising the price.